In addition to a personal blog that starts from the main page and contains the story of my life, there are other diary entries, letters, plays and texts written in different periods since 1998.


I have been working as a designer since 2002. I started my way from print designer and now I am a lead designer of digital products. All notes and articles about design are in a separate section.


Yoly the Palych and all together

Absurd scenes from adult, provincial life, written in 1998 at the theater institute, edited and published in May 2022. Only in Russian.


A documentary play about street art and the boundarys of comfort, written during a playwright course “24 Hours with a Playwright” of Masha Kontorovich in 2020. Long list of “Remarque” competition 2021. Only in Russian.

Other texts

reversed diary

Perception and comprehension of loneliness and some entries from LiveJournal. 1998-2004. Last revision – 2021. Only in Russian.

The Transparent City

Text written around the series of works “Transparent City” by German artist and photographer Michael Wolff for the open call in the “Secret Sound Stories” project by Alan Alpenfelt at the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.

one way letters

Love letters handwritten on sheets of lined paper and sent in early 2000.


I haven’t written poetry for a long time. But some of those that were written got on stihi.ru in 2002, and are still there. Only in Russian.