To be continued

This story has a sequel. Most of episodes have been written in Russian, ready to read, and wait to be translated. I will do it regularly, and you can find out about the release by subscribing to the Telegram channel. Sometimes I duplicate messages about new posts on my Instagram, but not always, not so regularly and, sometimes, very late.

The linked page has a rough plan of what I want to write in Russian during the year 2023, and approximate dates when this can be expected.

The crossed out year has fallen out of the lives of many Russians. A year ago, at the beginning of February, when I wrote these plans, I could not predict the circumstances of force majeure.

The time of 2022 was spent in attempts of accepting our helplessness and finding ways to come to terms with these circumstances. There was no energy for creativity. I hope that 2023 will be more productive. Stay tuned.